Social Welfare Department Scheme

Date : 01/01/1960 - | Sector: Welfare Department

The Social Welfare Department came into existence in the State of J&K in the year 1960. It plays an important role in addressing problems of weaker sections of the society, Like Old Age Persons, Women in Distress, Physically Challenged People, Mal-Nourished children Lactating and expecting women, Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes and other Economically Weaker Sections of the Society. In the priority of our National Development, the commitment towards the welfare of the underprivileged and the downtrodden, backward and vulnerable sections of the society is tremendous. The role of the Social Welfare in fulfillment of this commitment thus becomes important among the various sections and classes of our population, there is lot of deprivation and neglect and the Social Welfare Department has to be instrumental for removing the distress of these sections through amelioration and anti- poverty measures.

The Department Administers Central and State Government Schemes in the areas of women and child development, Social Justice and Empowerment, Social Security, Tribal Development and Educational upliftment of SC/ST and OBC students. It provides direct benefit to the target groups through Scholarship, hostel facilities, reimbursement of Examination Fee etc. The schemes/programme are implemented through various Department, Corporations, Field Agencies which mainly include the Directorate of Social Welfare, SC/ST OBC Corporation, Women Development Corporation, Gujjar and Bakerwal Advisory Board, Pahari-speaking people Board, J&K State Social Welfare Board, Rehabilitation Council for Victims of Militancy and District Development Commissioners..

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Beneficiary type (Eg: women, children, senior citizen, etc.), Sector (Eg: Health, Education, Agriculture, etc.)


Eg: Monetary benefit, Scholarships, Subsidy, etc.

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