Animal Husbandry

Livestock forms an integral part of the Agricultural economy. -. Generally people of Ramban District have small holdings with 8-10 cattle in each house hold (2-3 Milk animals) living as scattered population over mountains. However in recent decade some urban families have adopted dairy farming /Poultry Farming/ marketing of livestock & livestock products/marketing of feed & fodder as their primary occupation. At secondary & tertiary level, livestock provides regular supplementary income to the producers related to livestock business. Besides providing organic manure, livestock is important source of several value added by- products, which are not properly processed & utilized as a commercial activity, but have immense future business potential. Equines are the only means of transport connecting Marwah/Warwan/Dachhan/Padder/Chhatroo & Drabshalla blocks. Almost 12000 equines contribute to the rural economy. Hybrid Yaks more than 17000 in the district, are the means of draft power for ploughing & female Hybrid Yaks used for Milk in Padder Warwan & Marwah has proven successful as the females produced are acclimatized to the area, produce 05 liters of milk per day with 9-10% fat. These cross breeds require least maintenance. Aims and Objectives of the Animal Husbandry in the District

  1. Breed Improvement/Up gradation of the Native Livestock by use of the Frozen Semen Technology & Provision of the Breeding Bull on Community Bases
  2. Veterinary Health Care & Disease Control Programme & Disease Diagnoses
  3. Public Health concerns is one of the major task of the department.
  4. To facilitate investment of the public in Animal Husbandry Sector & generate employment
  5. Yak & equine Development
  6. Wild life concerns.